Behavioral Health & Wellness Center

Group Therapy


Group Therapy can provide both a less invasive type of  therapy and a support group for many individuals. 

Members can often gain valuable knowledge and ideas for improving a difficult situation or life challenge from those who are experiencing similar challenges. Regularly talking and listening to others also helps one put their own problems in perspective.  Many individuals often feel as though they  are the only one struggling, and it can be a relief to hear others discuss what they're going through, and realize they are not alone.

The group dynamic provides a safe environment for individuals to share their feelings among others who have similar struggles. By seeing how other people tackle their problems and make positive changes, one can discover a whole range of strategies for facing their own challenges.


  • Anger Management      
  • Sensory Integration & Self Regulation                                                                            
  • Emotion Regulation (incorporates Yoga & Meditation Techniques)
  • Organizational Skills & Problem-Solving
  • Substance Abuse
  • ​Mental Health Support Group

2020 Groups Schedule

*Due to the current regulations from the COVID 19 pandemic there will be no groups scheduled at this time.